ORC-Week 6- Final Reveal!

It’s reveal day!

I have officially finished my first ever One Room Challenge and it feels great! Thank you to everyone who followed along these last 5 weeks and for cheering me on. This was a fun, exciting, and exhausting 5 weeks!   I could not have made it to the finish line without the support and free labor from my handy husband and my super patient kids! I also want to thank my mother in law for helping me clean the entire dust covered house until 3am during her short visit here to NC and to friend and talented artist E Angelina Woehr for creating stunning original artwork for the bedroom. Love you all! ❤

I am so happy today has come to be able to share with you the final results of my coastal master suite makeover. If you are just joining me you can catch up on all the excitement, planning and progress below.

Week 1/ Week 2/ Week 3/ Week 4/ Week 5


I’m going to let the photo’s do the talkin’ for this last ORC post. It’s what we have all been waiting for right?


It’s always fun to look at the before pictures to see just how far the room has come.

Here’s where we started…….Boring!

Before ORC
Blah Before


Drum Roll Please

……………………………and now how far we have come.

Master 8_1

Master 2

Master 1_1

Master 5

Master 9_1

Bedroom Sources:

Original Artwork by E Angelina Woehr/ Night Stands/ Lamps/ Headboard/ Duvet Cover and Shams/ Rug/Ceiling Fan/ Drapery Rods/ Custom Drapes/ Custom Pillows/


Master 3

Master 10

Master 11

Master 12_1


Metal Sea Urchin wall decor/ Mirror/ Blue Tray/ Door Knobs/


I took my daughters old Pottery Barn Kids dresser and revamped it for the challenge. I wallpapered the drawer fronts with a Faux Grasscloth by York Wallcoverings and changed out the hardware with these Kohler  drawer pulls.

See next week’s post on pulling all the details together, the blunders and what didn’t make it in the room for the challenge.


Master Bathroom

If you remember from week 1 I also said I would include the master bathroom in this challenge. I never got a good before picture because we got a little sledge hammer happy and realized a little late that we didn’t take the traditional “before” picture. So here is the beginning of the bathroom renovation picture.

ORC bath


….and finally the finished bathroom.

Bath 5

Bath 1

Bath 2

Bath 3

Bathroom Sources:

Artwork/ Vanity/ Link Tile/ Mirror/ Shower Door/ Vanity Light/ Faucet/


Thank you to my photographer Matt Parvin Photography who captured the room’s beautifully.  I was totally doing the happy dance when I saw the final photos.


That’s a wrap everyone!

A big thank you to Linda from calling it home for organizing this challenge. I always feel so honored when she comments on my posts. I appreciate your support Linda!

My first challenge was a lot of hard work but totally worth every hour of lost sleep. It feels amazing, fresh and like a true get away destination to be in the space now. I fully plan on just enjoying it this weekend. You may find me drinking coffee just hanging out in my shower. ha!

Now who want’s to rent a beach house this summer in Kure Beach, NC?

Please be sure to check out the amazing transformations of the Featured Designers who had their big reveals yesterday. And all the Guest Participants who joined in on the fun who will reveal their rooms today. If you are in need of some inspiration look no further – some serious talent and gorgeous rooms in this bunch.  Be sure to follow #oneroomchallenge on Instagram for all the challenge updates. You can follow me on Instagram here too!


I really hope you enjoyed seeing the progress and final results over the last 6 weeks. I absolutely love all your comments, so keep them coming and let me know what you think.




PS ~ I’m already plotting what room will be next for the fall ORC.


ORC- Week 5- Final Countdown

Holy smokes, I can’t believe we are on week 5! This is it. The final countdown has officially begun. I have the photographer coming Monday so really I have like 3 days to pull this room off. Which means I will be in “the Zone” this weekend and there will be little chance of socializing, except to call my Momma and wish her a happy Mother’s Day..Love you mom!

~Wishing all Mom’s a happy Mother’s Day weekend! Thank you for all you do.

If you remember from last week’s post I wasn’t sure if my headboard was going to make it in time. The good news is that it’s at my freight company in High Point, NC, the bad news is they don’t have me scheduled for delivery until Monday-no bueno! So, I have tasked my husband with driving to the freight company in HP to pick it up for me tomorrow. THANK goodness for supportive husbands!!

If you are just joining in on the fun you can catch up on week one, two, three, and four here about the process and progress of the room.

Here’s all the good stuff that happened this week. Remember I was keeping the vanity on the down low? I’ve decided to share what I’ve been up to on it. Let me first tell you that this vanity was not my first choice, or second, or maybe even third. I took to long to make a decision on the first choice and before I knew it, there was no-way it was going to be delivered to me within my time-line. The second and third choice may have been slightly out of budget or way out of budget according to my husband:).  Finally, after hours of searching we found one on a close-out for $174.00. Yep, you read that correctly $174.00 for a brand new 45″ vanity base. It was not at all what I pictured but for that price I knew I could make it work!  Ready to see it?

Vanity series

I have to admit for a minute I though about leaving it red. It complimented the blue in the shower tile nicely -but like I said that lasted a minute. I wanted calm and serene for the room, the red wasn’t anywhere near calm and serene, fun maybe but not calming or relaxing. It took me about 4 hours to sand all the lacquer off ~that was not so fun! Then it got a marine base primer and 3 coats and some touch up of high gloss SW Balmy. Viola!

I would love to hear your thoughts on this one? Do you like the red or blue color?

Loving this Kohler faucet!

Faucet vanity


Here’s a little peek at what will be going in the room this weekend. I just got my euro bed pillows and draperies back from the workroom today, I literally was giggling like a little girl over these pillows! I love them!! And these lamps from Robert Abbey are stunning. Notice I am also giving you a teaser of my special art project that E Angelina Woehr has been working on for this room.




Thank you again for joining me this week. Please be sure to see what great things are happening with all the other ORC featured designers and guest participants. Join me again in one week for the final reveal. If you don’t already follow me on Instagram be sure to take a peek, I might be posting some previews of the room coming together.

See you next week!












ORC- Week 4-Painting Queen

I think the calendar is playing tricks on me. I swear it was like yesterday I was telling y’all about week 3 and how unproductive it was. I can’t believe it is week 4 already! We have 2 SHORT weeks left of this challenge! I must say I’m starting to bit my nails nervously now.

I just checked on the status of my custom headboard, it’s suppose to ship next week but once the freight company has it, it could take up to a week to get it. The good news my freight company is located here in NC, so I could go pick it up. The bad news is finding time to drive 4 hours to pick it up. Life is truly crazy and full of obstacles. I’ll have to wait until next week to make that call. (Sigh). This folks is a small preview of what designers deal with daily…constantly chasing things down!

Since last week was so unproductive I had to make up for it this week. I high-tailed it to the beach over the weekend ( sound’s fun right? ). Unfortunately didn’t put my toes in the sand one time (insert sad face here). I was focused on getting this room painted and back on track.

Many hours of painting later and I finally have freshly painted walls and molding in my bedroom and bathroom.  Good bye beige!!

ORC week 4

Let’s take a closer look at my color selections for the master bedroom. I chose Pure white from Sherwin Williams for the molding and paneling. It’s one of my go- to whites to add a really fresh look to a space. For the walls, I had originally picked another light blue but seeing the swatch in the room it began to feel a little babyish. After some pondering I decided to go with Hinting Blue also Sherwin Williams. I really love it! It’s soft, has a grayer undertone and feels more sophisticated for a Master Bedroom. The doors which were painted in week one by my MIA painter (he’s actually on vacation in South America), are Naval by Sherwin Williams. I am a huge fan of black and navy painted interior doors. 1. They visually add a ton of character to a space. 2. Truth: They hide dirty hand prints in my case. 🙂 I can be a bit OCD when it comes to cleaning, so for me I can chill a little bit longer not having to stare at dirt built up around the door knobs…out of sight, out of mind. Right? 🙂

Colors Selections

Now let’s look at it all together. I work with paint colors almost everyday AND am still always amazed at the transformations that it can make in a space.

wall of doors
Wall of doors

Now let’s look at the color selections for the master bathroom.

The master bathroom is a whopping 5’x 9′ so trying to get it to feel a little more spacious was the key and challenge. I decided to let the beautiful Catch my Drift tile by Kerri Kelly from Tilebar be the shining star in here. Which meant that the rest of the bathroom had to remain somewhat neutral….for a designer anyway!

Bathroom Tile ORC
Recap from last week

The walls got a fresh three coats of Pure White and the molding also Pure White in a semi-gloss. It feels so light and airy in there now. I know what you’re thinking -that seem’s like a whole lot of white. *Don’t think that I am playing it safe because the fun unexpected element to this bathroom is the ceiling. That my friends is not white! The ceiling was painted Secure Blue by Sherwin Williams…it’s a perfect marriage with the stunning tile in the shower!

I have not talked about the vanity in the bathroom at all because it’s somewhat of a surprise and somewhat because I need to work somethings out.-A whole blog post can be written and probably will about the vanity debacle. I will however tell you this- the paint choice as of today for the vanity is Balmy by Sherwin Williams. That’s all I’m saying today!  

Pure White Sherwin Williams 

A little peek inside the bathroom.

Sorry again for the terrible phone photography


This week seemed to be all about the paint. After my crazy painting weekend I visited E Angelina Woehr at her studio to see the progress on the surprise art project she has been working on for the challenge. I can hardly control my excitement on these special stunners!  Angelina is a truly gifted artist, she is really easy to work with and can create any custom abstract artwork for your space. Check out her awesome work here.

OK, I can’t help it…. I have to share a little glimpse of the art project with you all. Beautiful isn’t it?

Art in progress


Here’s what my check list looks like now:

  • Order Custom navy and white Headboard
  • Order Hotel Quality Bed Linens
  • Artwork-In progress
  • Install Molding
  • Paint molding
  • Paint Bathroom and Bedroom walls
  • Order Ceiling Fan
  • Order Fabric for pillows
  • Order Fabric for Drapery
  • Order Drapery Hardware
  • Get Fabrics to Workroom
  • Order rug
  • Dresser project (buy wallpaper and new knobs)
  • Order Bench
  • Get Accessories- half done!
  • Paint Floor Mirror
  • Order Vanity Mirror
  • Get Bathroom Hardware
  • Order Bathroom Faucet


Don’t forget to check out all the other super talented participants and featured designers from Calling it Home this week. Check out all the amazing progress being made by all the designers on Instagram #Oneroomchallenge …be ready to get inspired!

Just 2 more short weeks to go. Stay with me and see the progress during the week on my Instagram.



ORC-Week 3-Most Unproductive

Welcome back for the half way report- Week 3- Yikes! If you are just now joining me and want to catch up on the project- here is week 1 and week 2.

How is it week 3 already of this challenge? Seriously! I think my heart just moved into my stomach. I’ve been at High Point Furniture market for the past week – always a ton of fun but now trying to catch back up-(not fun)! Sadly, my room is in the same physical state as last week. But, I did a lot of product ordering last week and things are starting to trickle in. I will be heading running to the beach this weekend to do some painting and some major clean-up!


My Minka Aire fan arrived while I was at market this week and now waiting to be installed. I really struggled with the idea of a fan going back into the bedroom. A chandelier option would have been so beautiful! I just find most ceiling fans unattractive….but function is important to me and this is a beach house… in the South….it gets VERY hot and humid here!

I literally searched hours to find a nice balance of style and function in a fan and settled on this guy. I opted for a more modern style with three blades in a white finish to keep the room light and airy (no pun intended).






I managed to squeeze in some time to visit the stone yard and pick out my bathroon vanity top.  I found this beautiful Elegante White Leathered marble. This is the first time I have picked a leathered finish which, I must say I adore! The rougher texture and matte finish I think makes it a perfect coastal option and will work nicely with the tile in the shower!

Marble- ORC

Bathroom Tile ORC

Most of my fabrics have now arrived except my beautiful Lulu DK linen from Duralee in the multi blue which is out of stock. Boo! So I will be ordering the same fabric just in a slighly different color way. They have just enough fabric to cover the front of my throw pillows for the bed…thank goodness! The navy fabric will be on the back side. The white and the navy will also make up my drapery panels for two windows in the room.

The Thibaut Bankun Raffia in Navy will cover the front of my drawers on my DIY dresser project.

Fabrics ORC

While this week has been mostly unproductive I’m hoping to make up for it next week and really start to pull the room together.

Here’s what my check list looks like now:

  • Order Custom navy and white Headboard
  • Order Hotel Quality Bed Linens
  • Artwork-In progress
  • Install Molding
  • Paint molding
  • Paint Bathroom and Bedroom walls
  • Order Ceiling Fan
  • Order Fabric for pillows
  • Order Fabric for Drapery
  • Order Drapery Hardware
  • Get Fabrics to Workroom
  • Order rug
  • Dresser project (buy wallpaper and new knobs)
  • Order Bench
  • Get Accessories- half done!
  • Paint Floor Mirror
  • Order Vanity Mirror
  • Get Bathroom Hardware
  • Order Bathroom Faucet


Well as you can see I have some work to do! Join me next week for some hopefully better progress.

Please be sure to check out all the other really talented participants in the One Room Challenge both Featured and Guest Participants. And, if you have not already done so –follow me on Instagram and be sure to check out the fabulousness happening on #oneroomchallenge.












ORC- Wk 2- All About That Molding

How has a week gone by already?…Seriously….in a blink of the eye, right? So here we are on week 2 of the One Room Challenge. I always seem to have a way with timing!  April has been the busiest month-It seems to be packed full of events, activities and client installs. I feel like I didn’t accomplish much for the ORC in week 1 and I’m fighting a chest and head cold to boot!

One of the biggest challenges in completing my coastal master suite is that I have a 2 hour drive each way to work on it. Luckily, I have an amazing husband who is handy and has also been enlisted in helping me with the challenge. He was in charge of installing the new panel molding (behind bed) and updating baseboards last week. He did a fantastic job!-picture below


I thought a lot about my concept board this week and really honed in on what I want this room to feel and look like and honestly my budget needed a reality check! So I revamped and feel really good about the vision going forward.

Let’s look at the new board


Concept board-wk2


One of the biggest changes I made was the bed. I loved the Seagrass from the first board but it was $$$ and I’m not sure I would love it as much over time. Plus, I really want this room to be all about the blues…..in a happy way of course. Secondly, I felt like with the white paneling behind the bed I needed to “soften” the edges a little with an upholstered headboard. By adding a slight curve and a small white contrasting welt- it gives me the soft, upscale, timeless appeal I was craving for this room.

I also chose a new rug, shape of lamps (same color and company), I decided to use my daughters old dresser (more about that below) and I have collaborated with a local artist and friend E Angelina Woehr on making a special series of paintings for the room. She is an amazing artist – I can’t wait to see what she comes up with! Be sure to check her out.

Do you want to see the paneling now?



Terrible Phone Photography 

SW 7005 Pure White by Sherwin Williams

Didn’t my husband do a fantastic job?  Free labor is the best! Thank you, DH!

My painter sprayed the molding before he left on a 3- week trip out of the country. I told you I had a way with timing! He also got the interior doors painted. Which means I only will have to paint the walls…yay! Did I mention I really dislike painting molding and doors?

This is SW6244  Naval by Sherwin Williams


Navy doors

My husband picked the knobs (not my favorite)…they may or may not stay.


My to-do lists;

Week 1:

  • Custom navy and white Headboard- Has been ordered- Check
  • Bedding- Ordered-Check
  • Artwork-In progress
  • Installed Molding- Check
  • New Ceiling Fan-Ordered- Check
  • Fabric for pillows-Ordered-Check
  • Fabric for Drapery- Ordered-Check

Week 2-3 to work on:

  • Dresser project (buy wallpaper and new knobs)
  • Get Fabric for Drapery and Pillows to workroom
  • Order Hardware
  • Order Rug
  • Paint walls
  • Order bench
  • Get Accessories
  • Paint Floor Mirror


For those that follow me on Instagram you may have seen a picture of a chicken nugget box in one of the drawers that I found while cleaning…..yes….I was totally mortified and grossed out! My daughter no-longer uses this for storing clothes- obviously! Her room was turned into a playroom earlier this year because she and her sister always sleep together so we just decided to officially move them together.

Dresser DIY project for this will include;

  1. Clean it
  2. Apply Faux Grasscloth on all the drawers
  3. Replace knobs



Here is an update on the bathroom. (not showing you everything..just yet) 🙂

Tile update

Well that’s it for this week….. I guess that was a lot!  I have a to-do list to get done before I head off to High Point Furniture Market this weekend. Did I mention I have a way with timing?…lol.

Stay with me for the next four weeks every Thursday and just in case you missed week one here is a recap or if you don’t know what the one room challenge is -see this post.  Don’t forget to check out all the other super talented participants and featured designers from Calling it Home this week. I also will encourage you to set some time aside and check out Instagram #Oneroomchallenge …be ready to get inspired!


One Room Challenge- Week 1

I’m so excited and honestly a little nauseous (major anxiety here) that I am participating in my first ever One Room Challenge, created by Linda from calling it home. For those not familiar with the One Room Challenge it is a biannual event (October and April) where 20 invited design bloggers makeover a room in 6 weeks and blog about the process *good and bad* every Wednesday. Guest participants are welcome to join in on the fun and share their process and journey every Thursday for the next 6 weeks. -That’s me!

I first heard about the one room challenge last fall and while I choose not to participate at that time I knew that someday I would embrace the challenge. Last year was one of my busiest years in business and I simply could not keep up with the demands of work and family- so I took a hiatus from the blogging world.  This year has allowed me to catch my breath and take a look at a few things I want to get done. So I thought there is no time better to join in on the challenge,fun and to start blogging again…plus it holds me accountable for completing my project in a timely manner.

So….What room have I chosen?

My husband and I own a vacation rental in the small coastal town of Kure Beach, NC. The house was built in the 90’s and while we have updated it here and there we certainly have not undergone any major renovations. This year we decided it was time to tackle some major updates. We have gutted three bathrooms to date- good bye fiberglass inserts, oak cabinets and laminate flooring! Like a virus this renovation has of course spread to other rooms in the house. However, the room that I am focusing this challenge on is the…….wait for it……Master Suite.

We got a little to sledge hammer happy with the bathroom, so dumb me didn’t get any pictures of the before. I should tell you that we did start on the bathroom portion a few weeks ago. Not my main focus for the challenge but I will be revealing it with the bedroom.

Let’s take a look at the before.

Before ORC
Main Bed wall
Bedroom ORC Before
Entry into Bedroom (door to right) 
Bed ORC Before
Opposite wall (bathroom entry on left)
ORC bath
In Progress Master Bathroom

So the house and Master Bedroom are heading into the blue zone. Here are a couple rooms that I found that I absolutely adore.

Some Inspiration Rooms

beach3 insp
Love the stark contrast of the navy and white! 

I’d like to credit the designer but I am not sure who designed this. http://www.seasidebeachdecor.com/decorate-beach-style-bedroom-p-1600.html

Insp Beach
Stunning Bedroom- Designer Rachel Reider Interiors

Credit https://www.decorpad.com/photo.htm?photoId=113257

Insp blue red
Designer Lindsay Coral Harper


I really want our vacation guests to have an “experience” when they stay here. Of course the beach is a major destination but the house should also extend that welcome. I want it to feel like an upscale boutique style hotel with the casual coastal relaxed living.

Anyone that lives at the beach knows that EVERYTHING wears twice as fast! So my challenge is going to be finding some seriously durable materials and fabrics.I’m still working out all the details but this is my plan so far-.

ORC concept board

List of things to complete:

  • Architectural interest behind bed (White paneled molding)
  • New King size bed
  • Artwork
  • Desk or dresser
  • Rug
  • curtains
  • Lamps

I already have somethings that I am going to be working with. (I purchased a few items for a house I staged a few years ago and have been waiting to do something with them.)

  • Bedding???
  • Crate and Barrel white night stand
  • Throw Pillows
  • Ceramic Garden stool


I’d love for you to join me every Thursday to see the fun progress reports. Be sure to follow my updates on instagram and post by @callingithome and for all updates enter #oneroomchallenge.   You definitely want to be sure to check out the sponsored designers every Wednesday…some serious talent in this group!

ORC Sponsored


High Point Market Edition: Market Finds and what’s ahead for 2015.

I returned from High Point Furniture Market on Thursday night and have had several days to rest now. It’s Monday and I’m back to work! I know you are all dying to know what the fall trends are. So I am here to report what’s in and what’s out for the end of 2014 going into 2015. But first I wanted to give a little background on my trips to HP and how much is involved in this 6 day affair.

The High Point Furniture market previews all the latest and greatest every April and October every year. This last market was my eighth trip to HP, the last two in 2014 have been for my own company (JDD). I am very grateful for the previous six markets because the experience prepared me for the endless hours of walking, the brain overload of products and information and a lot of work for our clients. But, there is something exhilarating about going for your own company. The freedom to educate myself with all the workshops and seminars that are offered and the ability to wonder endlessly through showrooms feels like it is more important now than ever before. I feel it is my duty to keep my clients and those interested in the home industry up to date on the market, new trends and new products.  I have also had the pleasure of meeting some pretty incredible people throughout the process of building my business.

Fun Facts about High Point, NC Furniture Market

The High Point Market is the largest furnishings industry trade show in the world, bringing more than 85,000 people to High Point every six months. Serious retail home furnishings buyers can be found in High Point twice a year because if you can’t find it in High Point…it probably doesn’t exist.

Current Demographics:

180 buildings
11.5 million square feet of showspace
80,000 attendees each market
More than 2000 exhibitors
106 countries represented
Tens of thousands of new product introductions
Approximately 10 percent of attendees are international

Source of Credit: http://www.nccommerce.com/it/industry-sectors/furniture/high-point-furniture-market

1. Gallery Walls and Animal Pictures Galore











2. Lots of Reds and Greens










3. Metallic Driftwood






4. Wow Lighting








What’s Not So Hot….anymore.

A discussion by the High Point Style spotters at a trends forecast event have listed these as overused and on the way out the door.

  • Nailheads- Overused- We will start to see them scaled back down on furniture and case goods. I don’t think they will go away entirely though.
  • Ikat- Overused- A great pattern but has been overused in every way.
  • Rose Gold Metallics- Not overused but a miss for most manufactures trying to incorporate this tone into the line up of other strong metallic colors
  • Chevron- Thank you, thank you for someone calling out this trend…..So overused and I’m glad it is on it’s way out the door. I don’t think I have ever been more sick of any other pattern out there.
  • Industrial- Say goodbye to the grey wood tones and factory inspired furniture. No more Restoration Hardware look!

This was not mentioned at this current market but I’m calling them out now.

  • Skulls- How many ways can you make a skull pretty? Never embraced this trend and never will!
  • Macrame’- I know every trend always cycles back around. But why on earth would anyone be excited about this 70’s look.  #itsamiss






Leave me a comment, I would love to hear from you.


All photos have been taken by me. If you would like to use or share them please make sure to credit or link them back to me. Thank You.

Pinterest Blog Post: I Heart Hardwood Floors

I Heart Hardwood­

I LOVE HARDWOOD FLOORS, it’s no secret! When helping my clients with flooring selections I almost always recommend hardwood flooring for main living and bedroom areas. Here’s why: They improve the look and aesthetic flow of your home immediately. Besides being beautiful they are extremely durable, sustainable (when properly harvested, look for FSC (Forest Stewardship Council) when purchasing) and can easily be repaired (in most cases). They are classic- never go out of style and can be finished and refinished to fit anyone’s style. They by far add the most value to your home and are rated in the top 10 things home buyers look for when purchasing a home. If you have kids or pets, the maintenance and cleaning is super easy. If your still not convinced to rush out and get hardwood floors right now, maybe these beautiful pictures will entice you!

I searched high and low and gathered the most drool worthy, beautiful, unique and classic hardwood floors I could find from my beloved Pinterest.


My favorite (hands down): Herringbone






















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Fabulous interiors and kid friendly: Yes it is possible!

Tips for Stylish, Practical and Kid- Friendly Interiors

Do you think that having a nicely decorated home is out of the question as long as kids are in the house?

Are you still holding onto furniture from your college days because you think kids will destroy anything new?

Does your home look like a daycare center?

If you answered yes to any of those questions I am here to help you!  Repeat after me….I can have a comfortable, functional and stylish home with kids.

I understand through trial and error of having 3 kids of my own that kids can wreak havoc on your space…..no doubt! You have to change your strategy when kids are involved. They are constantly changing, growing, and evolving and just as our tastes change so does theirs.  I’m going to share with you my designer tips for creating lasting, beautiful, livable, comfortable rooms that can stand up to spills, markers, sticky fingers and life of a family.

My Super Secret Designer Tips:

1. Buy the best furniture you can afford…Seriously

I recommend investing some money into a nice quality sofa with performance fabric (AKA indoor/outdoor fabric) It may seem counter intuitive to sink money into something that- make no mistake about it -will get jumped on, spilled on, and tossed on the floor over and over again. But this is exactly my point! Please, please, please, please, please do NOT be temped to buy the bargain furniture. I can tell you exactly where your bargain furniture will be after a few years of trampoline jumping and fort building…..in the landfill. Making it hardly a bargain at that point, right? When shopping for a sofa look for heavy, solid hardwood constructed pieces. Opt for the spring down cushions, which tend to hold shape better. By following this simple advise you will have pieces that will withstand the kid abuse for many, many years. When the kids are older or perhaps out of the house you can reupholster it, because it has good bones. Click her for example of good quality frame.

2. Wow factor lighting

By having the proper amount of natural, ambient and task lighting your room will work with you for different parts of the day and night. This is a trick that designers use to create that right out of a magazine look. Its all about lighting!  First, I recommend starting with your ceiling fixtures. Go out and buy that cool funky piece. By adding drama here it takes your eye away from everything else going on in the room. Don’t be generic in your lighting selections this is really a place to show your personality. And let’s be honest unless you let your kids hang from the light fixtures, it will be pretty hard for them to destroy. Secondly, start to add table or floor lamps into your room that are either wood or metal based. Stay away from glass or porcelain.


Incorporate savvy storage into your room or every room for that matter. You can never have to many baskets and boxes when it comes to organizing kid stuff. Believe me I know all to well how clutter can take over especially when you have a family. I happen to have clutter phobia so in my house it usually finds a home very quickly. By having extra boxes and baskets that can stack or slide into book cases makes it easy to stay organized (at least on the outside).

4. Use a mixtures of color, texture and pattern.

A great way to add color, texture and pattern is the use of a rug. A big one! Almost the size of your room. Stay away from rugs that only your coffee table sits on. You don’t need an island for your coffee table…that is a no, no. When considering paint finishes eggshell and satin are best for walls-they wipe up and clean easily. Another great way to add the finishing touches to your room is by bringing in window treatments. Stay away from puddled drapes, they will just be a hide and seek spot for your little darlings. Instead add a nice roman shade with your favorite printed fabric.

5. Go for low key- no fuss.

When you purchase your new heavy, solid hardwood constructed sofa you can opt to have the cushions sewn into the lining. Making them impossible to throw on the floor. You may also want to stay away from a billion throw pillows on your sofa and chairs, unless you like picking them up constantly (I need to take my own advice). Stay with classic clean lined styles with no skirting for your upholstered furniture. An exposed leg is best for a casual and low maintenance look.

Lastly, if you plan on tacking your home without a pro be sure to get your kids involved.  Creating a family friendly home should involve the whole family. Kids grow to appreciate and respect beautiful items in a house and I believe will benefit from this lesson later in life. Have them help pick out a few pre selected paint colors or have them weigh in on the family room artwork. Perhaps it’s their artwork framed up nicely on a gallery wall. Either way they may think twice about drawing on the wall if they helped select the beautiful color….or maybe not.

When kids are in the mix, don’t sweat it-accidents will happen, chocolate milk will get spilled on the rug……but if you have a dark colored, patterned indoor/outdoor rug it will be a breeze cleaning up. It’s really all about good quality pieces that can withstand continuous beatings.

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