ORC- Week 4-Painting Queen

I think the calendar is playing tricks on me. I swear it was like yesterday I was telling y’all about week 3 and how unproductive it was. I can’t believe it is week 4 already! We have 2 SHORT weeks left of this challenge! I must say I’m starting to bit my nails nervously now.

I just checked on the status of my custom headboard, it’s suppose to ship next week but once the freight company has it, it could take up to a week to get it. The good news my freight company is located here in NC, so I could go pick it up. The bad news is finding time to drive 4 hours to pick it up. Life is truly crazy and full of obstacles. I’ll have to wait until next week to make that call. (Sigh). This folks is a small preview of what designers deal with daily…constantly chasing things down!

Since last week was so unproductive I had to make up for it this week. I high-tailed it to the beach over the weekend ( sound’s fun right? ). Unfortunately didn’t put my toes in the sand one time (insert sad face here). I was focused on getting this room painted and back on track.

Many hours of painting later and I finally have freshly painted walls and molding in my bedroom and bathroom.  Good bye beige!!

ORC week 4

Let’s take a closer look at my color selections for the master bedroom. I chose Pure white from Sherwin Williams for the molding and paneling. It’s one of my go- to whites to add a really fresh look to a space. For the walls, I had originally picked another light blue but seeing the swatch in the room it began to feel a little babyish. After some pondering I decided to go with Hinting Blue also Sherwin Williams. I really love it! It’s soft, has a grayer undertone and feels more sophisticated for a Master Bedroom. The doors which were painted in week one by my MIA painter (he’s actually on vacation in South America), are Naval by Sherwin Williams. I am a huge fan of black and navy painted interior doors. 1. They visually add a ton of character to a space. 2. Truth: They hide dirty hand prints in my case. 🙂 I can be a bit OCD when it comes to cleaning, so for me I can chill a little bit longer not having to stare at dirt built up around the door knobs…out of sight, out of mind. Right? 🙂

Colors Selections

Now let’s look at it all together. I work with paint colors almost everyday AND am still always amazed at the transformations that it can make in a space.

wall of doors
Wall of doors

Now let’s look at the color selections for the master bathroom.

The master bathroom is a whopping 5’x 9′ so trying to get it to feel a little more spacious was the key and challenge. I decided to let the beautiful Catch my Drift tile by Kerri Kelly from Tilebar be the shining star in here. Which meant that the rest of the bathroom had to remain somewhat neutral….for a designer anyway!

Bathroom Tile ORC
Recap from last week

The walls got a fresh three coats of Pure White and the molding also Pure White in a semi-gloss. It feels so light and airy in there now. I know what you’re thinking -that seem’s like a whole lot of white. *Don’t think that I am playing it safe because the fun unexpected element to this bathroom is the ceiling. That my friends is not white! The ceiling was painted Secure Blue by Sherwin Williams…it’s a perfect marriage with the stunning tile in the shower!

I have not talked about the vanity in the bathroom at all because it’s somewhat of a surprise and somewhat because I need to work somethings out.-A whole blog post can be written and probably will about the vanity debacle. I will however tell you this- the paint choice as of today for the vanity is Balmy by Sherwin Williams. That’s all I’m saying today!  

Pure White Sherwin Williams 

A little peek inside the bathroom.

Sorry again for the terrible phone photography


This week seemed to be all about the paint. After my crazy painting weekend I visited E Angelina Woehr at her studio to see the progress on the surprise art project she has been working on for the challenge. I can hardly control my excitement on these special stunners!  Angelina is a truly gifted artist, she is really easy to work with and can create any custom abstract artwork for your space. Check out her awesome work here.

OK, I can’t help it…. I have to share a little glimpse of the art project with you all. Beautiful isn’t it?

Art in progress


Here’s what my check list looks like now:

  • Order Custom navy and white Headboard
  • Order Hotel Quality Bed Linens
  • Artwork-In progress
  • Install Molding
  • Paint molding
  • Paint Bathroom and Bedroom walls
  • Order Ceiling Fan
  • Order Fabric for pillows
  • Order Fabric for Drapery
  • Order Drapery Hardware
  • Get Fabrics to Workroom
  • Order rug
  • Dresser project (buy wallpaper and new knobs)
  • Order Bench
  • Get Accessories- half done!
  • Paint Floor Mirror
  • Order Vanity Mirror
  • Get Bathroom Hardware
  • Order Bathroom Faucet


Don’t forget to check out all the other super talented participants and featured designers from Calling it Home this week. Check out all the amazing progress being made by all the designers on Instagram #Oneroomchallenge …be ready to get inspired!

Just 2 more short weeks to go. Stay with me and see the progress during the week on my Instagram.




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