ORC- Wk 2- All About That Molding

How has a week gone by already?…Seriously….in a blink of the eye, right? So here we are on week 2 of the One Room Challenge. I always seem to have a way with timing!  April has been the busiest month-It seems to be packed full of events, activities and client installs. I feel like I didn’t accomplish much for the ORC in week 1 and I’m fighting a chest and head cold to boot!

One of the biggest challenges in completing my coastal master suite is that I have a 2 hour drive each way to work on it. Luckily, I have an amazing husband who is handy and has also been enlisted in helping me with the challenge. He was in charge of installing the new panel molding (behind bed) and updating baseboards last week. He did a fantastic job!-picture below


I thought a lot about my concept board this week and really honed in on what I want this room to feel and look like and honestly my budget needed a reality check! So I revamped and feel really good about the vision going forward.

Let’s look at the new board


Concept board-wk2


One of the biggest changes I made was the bed. I loved the Seagrass from the first board but it was $$$ and I’m not sure I would love it as much over time. Plus, I really want this room to be all about the blues…..in a happy way of course. Secondly, I felt like with the white paneling behind the bed I needed to “soften” the edges a little with an upholstered headboard. By adding a slight curve and a small white contrasting welt- it gives me the soft, upscale, timeless appeal I was craving for this room.

I also chose a new rug, shape of lamps (same color and company), I decided to use my daughters old dresser (more about that below) and I have collaborated with a local artist and friend E Angelina Woehr on making a special series of paintings for the room. She is an amazing artist – I can’t wait to see what she comes up with! Be sure to check her out.

Do you want to see the paneling now?



Terrible Phone Photography 

SW 7005 Pure White by Sherwin Williams

Didn’t my husband do a fantastic job?  Free labor is the best! Thank you, DH!

My painter sprayed the molding before he left on a 3- week trip out of the country. I told you I had a way with timing! He also got the interior doors painted. Which means I only will have to paint the walls…yay! Did I mention I really dislike painting molding and doors?

This is SW6244  Naval by Sherwin Williams


Navy doors

My husband picked the knobs (not my favorite)…they may or may not stay.


My to-do lists;

Week 1:

  • Custom navy and white Headboard- Has been ordered- Check
  • Bedding- Ordered-Check
  • Artwork-In progress
  • Installed Molding- Check
  • New Ceiling Fan-Ordered- Check
  • Fabric for pillows-Ordered-Check
  • Fabric for Drapery- Ordered-Check

Week 2-3 to work on:

  • Dresser project (buy wallpaper and new knobs)
  • Get Fabric for Drapery and Pillows to workroom
  • Order Hardware
  • Order Rug
  • Paint walls
  • Order bench
  • Get Accessories
  • Paint Floor Mirror


For those that follow me on Instagram you may have seen a picture of a chicken nugget box in one of the drawers that I found while cleaning…..yes….I was totally mortified and grossed out! My daughter no-longer uses this for storing clothes- obviously! Her room was turned into a playroom earlier this year because she and her sister always sleep together so we just decided to officially move them together.

Dresser DIY project for this will include;

  1. Clean it
  2. Apply Faux Grasscloth on all the drawers
  3. Replace knobs



Here is an update on the bathroom. (not showing you everything..just yet) 🙂

Tile update

Well that’s it for this week….. I guess that was a lot!  I have a to-do list to get done before I head off to High Point Furniture Market this weekend. Did I mention I have a way with timing?…lol.

Stay with me for the next four weeks every Thursday and just in case you missed week one here is a recap or if you don’t know what the one room challenge is -see this post.  Don’t forget to check out all the other super talented participants and featured designers from Calling it Home this week. I also will encourage you to set some time aside and check out Instagram #Oneroomchallenge …be ready to get inspired!



10 thoughts on “ORC- Wk 2- All About That Molding

  1. Jana I adore the direction that your room is headed towards! You did SO much better than I did in my room this week.

    I would love for you to share this post at Thoughts of Home on Thursday. I think our readers would really enjoy it!

    Good luck in the upcoming week!

    1. Laura you are so sweet, thank you! I think I might be on cricket lane this week….we will see. 🙂 I would love for you to share my post and thank you. How do we do that? I hope you have a most productive week and can’t wait to see what you have in store for us in week 3.

      ❤ Jana

  2. I have no doubt that this room is going to be amazing. I love that paneling on your wall and the naval blue is gorgeous. So glad you joined us on Thoughts of Home. 🙂

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