Out with the White: Interior Door Colors You Should Try

If you have never thought about painting your interior doors I hope you will consider it after seeing some pretty dramatic and beautiful door colors here. There are two things in a room that I believe often get overlooked.

  • Ceilings- I’ll talk more about the ceiling in another post.
  • Interior doors.

Interior doors are a pretty common element in every home with varying styles of course but they often get forgotten when pulling together the overall design concept. Lumping them in with the overall trim paint color.  The average homeowner will spend hours analyzing paint colors for the walls but never give doors much thought. Why? Paint is an easy DIY project and offers us instant gratification. So let’s start thinking about doors. Painting is easy and inexpensive, it’s also a low commitment project because if you don’t like it you can repaint it.

If you are looking for a way to add style yet want to stay neutral in your overall color palette. I recommend Black, Grey or Navy Blue. Classic colors= Classic results.


This one is from a recent remodel I did. The doors were all flat panel and it did not make sense to buy all new doors, so I had molding applied to them and then painted them with SW Black Fox paint in Semi-Gloss.











Bold Colors





A quick tip on how to paint your interior doors


I hope you are feeling inspired to paint your doors now. Which colors would you pick? I’d love to hear what you have to say.

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