HOUZZ: Bathroom Inspiration

Inspiration. It is the food and fuel for the creative designer minds – I’ve heard some designer’s say it is actually like the caffeine in coffee. I love coffee so I will concur with that! So where does a designers inspiration come from? I can’t speak for other designers but I get inspiration from….well everywhere. Is that to vague? Let me give you some examples. It could be a conversation with family or friends that sparks a thought or idea, nature; the color of flowers and leaves, the way a tree is curved, the color of a sunset or sunrise, traveling, a beautifully designed piece of furniture, a painting, books, blogs, fashion magazines and other designers.

Today I want to share with you inspiration from a website called HOUZZ. If you have not heard of HOUZZ, you must be hiding under a rock! Haha! With more than 4.5 million photos that are all posted from design professionals like myself. There is inspiration to be had for everyone who wishes to transform, renovate, or decorate their home.

I am currently working on several bathroom renovations and have come across some of the most beautifully designed bathrooms that will make you weak at the knees. Here is a peek at what bathrooms inspire me.


Love the marble and paneled wall behind the tub.

Beautiful mixture of tile textures and patterns.

I love the whimsical elements in this bathroom. Design can be beautiful, fun and a little corky.

The outlets in this vanity are genius!

The onyx is stunning.

This reminds me of a 5-star hotel. I love the masculine touches and the stone shelf behind the sink. A great way to add storage without taking over you countertop.

The combination of the marble tile and the chic brass light fixture are spot on.

I love the illusion of this bathroom. The sink and faucet seem to disappear and blend in the space.

Glitzy, girlie, glamourous bathroom fit for a princess.

The tile is the star of this bathroom. I love the variations of colors in the stone with the amber and blue. It is simply gorgeous.


Find me and follow me on HOUZZ.


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